There Must be Justice

In Stari Brod, Visegrad, memorial service was held for more than 6,000 Serbs who were killed by Independent state of Croatia forces,  members of the infamous Black Legion of Jure Francetic. This monstrous murder happened in the spring of 1942.

Srbosjek A special gloved knife used by the Ustase (Croatian official WWII forces) for the slaughter of prisoners at Jasenovac Concentration Camp in Croatia. Jasenovac was the only camp not operated by the Germans, and was among the largest in Europe. Between 700 000 and million mainly Serbs, but also Jews and Roma were held and murderd in Jasenovac

Rev Dragan Vukotic said that on this day 73 years ago in the Drina canyon began to arrive the first refugees from the Sarajevo-Romanija region, who have sought refuge in Serbia, fleeing from the Croatian Nazi.

A that period mass massacres started to happen and such situation lasted until 2nd of May, when…

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